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You must watch for every opportunity to apply and empower the law of the Master Mind.

1. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a mastermind group!
2. My team and I move in harmony and integrity.
3. I’m so happy and grateful now that I have the perfect team!
4. I attract only those who mean love!
5. My team and I are principle-centered!
6. It’s an honor to help my team reach their goals!
7. T.E.A.M. = together everyone achieves more!
8. My mastermind group moves forward together, so we are all-ways successful!
9. I am loved respected, protected and blessed by my mastermind group!
10. I am so happy and grateful now that I have the best partners, managers, agents, lawyers, assistants, employees and associates on my team!
11. We always have each other’s backs!
12. Each person in my group seeks first to understand before seeking to be understood!
13. We are philanthropists!
14. My mastermind group operates from love, happiness and an abundance mentality!
15. We take great care of ourselves and the people around us!
16. We find joy and inspiration from working we each other!

Before you can have power, you must have a Definite Chief Aim-a definite purpose.

1. I am so happy and grateful now that I have a definite chief aim!
2. My natural abilities are a blessing!
3. The thing that I’m best at I didn’t even have to study for!
4. I keep my chief aim at the forefront of my mind every day!
5. I move toward my goal with the confidence that it’s already mine!
6. I repeat my chief aim to myself every day!
7. I give thanks that I get to work on my chief aim every day!
8. Have this big goal makes me smile!
9. My chief aim in life makes me wake up in the morning with joyful energy!
10. Throughout my day I ask as if I’ve already achieved my chief aim!
11. I am so happy and grateful now that I am living my ideal life!
12. I am so successful because I am living my chief aim!
13. The journey to attaining my goals is a cause of my happiness!
14. I feel joy when I’m a setting goal!
15. I know that my ability to set a goal is my ability to achieve that goal!
16. I believe in my chief aim because I believe in me!

                      3. SELF-CONFIDENCE
You must have self-confidence with which to back up your purpose.
"Believe in yourself but do not tell the world. Show it!

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I’ve found my self-confidence!
2.  I believe in me!
3.  I know that I can do, have and be, whatever I want to do have and be!
4.  Fear and love are choices. I choose love!
5.  I love myself!
6.  I am a success because I love me unconditionally!
7.  I feel really good about who I am and who I am becoming!
8.  My self-confidence inspires everyone I encounter!
9.  I know I can do it!
10. I am the hero I’ve been looking for!
11. I am comfortable in the skin I’m in!
12. I move through this life self- assured!
13. I give myself pep talks throughout the day!
14. I walk with confidence and gratitude!
15. I know who I am and I’m eager to learn more!
16. I feel really good about me!

                   4. THE HABIT OF SAVING
You must acquire the habit of saving.

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I have the habit of saving!
2.  I always pay myself first!
3.  I value my ability to control my money!
4.  I always have more than enough in my savings account!
5.  I love watching my money accumulate!
6.  I feel great knowing that I am a saver!
7.  I spend within my means!
8.  I save 25% or more of everything I earn!
9.  I love helping other people save their money!
10. Saving makes me feel wealthier!
11. The habit of saving is self-empowering!
12. I feel self empowered because I save!
13. The habit of saving makes me feel secure!
14. As income increases, my savings increase!
15. The habit of saving increases my earning capacity!
16. I love to save!

                      5. INITIATIVE AND LEADERSHIP
You must have initiative and leadership with which to exercise your self-confidence.

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I take initiative, and that I am a leader!
2.  I am proactive!
3.  When I take control of my situation, I win!
4.  I happily do more than I am paid for!
5.  I am always looking for a way to do a job better!
6.  I encourage others by taking action myself!
7.  I am a self-starter!
8.  I am a self-motivator!
9.  I volunteer to take on tasks!
10. I am a natural born leader!
11. I follow direction well, and that makes me a great leader!
12. I love to motivate and encourage others to find their own greatness!
13. I inspire the confidence of others by doing a job well!
14. I take charge!
15. I take action!
16. I feel great when I take charge!

You must have imagination in creating your definite purpose and in building the plans with which to transform that purpose into reality and put your plans into action.

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I use my imagination to the fullest!
2.  I employ my imagination when setting goals!
3.  My imagination can take me anywhere!
4.  All things are possible when I use my imagination!
5.  I use my imagination to rearrange old ideas into new combinations!
6.  I know that I can use my imagination to create my experiences!
7.  Every day I use my imagination to create the images of what I want to experience!
8.  I create what I want in my mind, I write it down!
9.  Daydreaming is as important as brushing my teeth every day!
10. The use of imagination is a key to my success!
11. I use a vision board to spark my imagination!
12. I think of my chief aim and imagine myself living that life right now!
13. I imagine the best me and it feels good!
14. I am living the life I imagined!
15. I have a beautiful imagination!
16. I love watching my dreams become reality!

                      7. ENTHUSIASM
You must mix enthusiasm with your action or it will be bland and weak.

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I am enthusiastic about my definite chief aim!
2.  I maintain a state of mind that inspires me to put action into the task at hand!
3.  I am passionate about living my dreams!
4.  Enthusiasm is a vital force that I develop and use!
5.  I do the kind of work I like enthusiastically!
6.  I present my ideas with enthusiasm!
7.  My enthusiasm I contagious!
8.  My enthusiasm magnifies my power to achieve my definite chief aim!
9.  Enthusiasm is the mainspring of my mind that urges me to put knowledge into action!
10. My enthusiasm radiates through my appearance, how I speak, how I move and how I treat people!
11. My enthusiasm attracts people of good intention!
12. My enthusiasm attracts great opportunities!
13. Reading my goals before I sleep creates enthusiasm when I wake!
14. I greet the day with gusto!
15. I approach each necessary task with enthusiasm!
16. I feel great about my successes!

                      8. SELF-CONTROL
You must exercise firm self-control.

1.  I so happy and grateful now that I maintain self-control!
2.  I am very disciplined!
3.  I do what is necessary in each moment!
4.  I have the power to control my thoughts and direct them to do my bidding!
5.  I am the master of my mind!
6.  Exhibiting self-control is realizing and exhibiting my inner power!
7.  I only form an opinion after knowing the facts!
8.  I am very responsible in all areas of my life!
9.  I spend within my means!
10. I think for myself!
11. I think with precision!
12. Self-control assures my successes!
13. I pay attention to my thoughts and keep them positive!
14. I feel empowered when I control my self!
15. I am in control of my happiness!
16. I think thoughts that make me happy and successful!

                      9. THE HABIT OF DOING MORE THAN PAID FOR
You must form the habit of doing more than paid for.

1.  I am so happy and grateful for the habit of doing more than paid for!
2.  I am rewarded for over-delivering!
3.  I can anticipate challenges and handle them before they manifest!
4.  I do love my work so I do more than I am paid for!
5.  Because I do more than I am paid for, I attract more than compensation than I expect!
6.  Being generous makes me feel happy!
7.  I earn more money because I do more than I am paid for!
8.  I have more resources because I do more than I am paid for!
9.  I am truly wealthy because I do more than I am paid for!
10. I do more than I am paid for because it feels good to me!
11. I experience true wealth because I am generous!
12. I am appreciated because I do more than I am paid for!
13. I attract amazing opportunities because I do more than I am paid for!
14. Doing more than I am paid for is my habit!
15. I am a success because I do more than I am paid for!
16. I appreciate the drive to do more than I am paid for!

                     10. A PLEASING PERSONALITY
You must cultivate a pleasing personality.

1.  I am so happy and grateful to have a pleasing personality!
2.  I am a good person!
3.  I attract only those who mean love!
4.  I love giving genuine compliments!
5.  I show genuine interest in other people!
6.  I only form genuine relationships with people!
7.  I embody the finer qualities of those I admire!
8.  I imagine a council of people I admire, and receive instruction on using their admirable traits!
9.  I always praise the best qualities I see in people!
10. I attract the highest qualities of the people I admire!
11. I radiate a pleasing energy!
12. I am kind to people because it feels good!
13. I have the ability to speak with force, conviction, and appropriate volume in any situation!
14. I dress in a style that is becoming of me and appropriate to my work!
15. I shake hands and give hugs that express warmth and enthusiasm!
16. I attract other people to me by first attracting myself to them!

You must use accurate thinking, remembering, as you develop this quality, that accurate thought is based upon identifiable facts and not upon hearsay evidence or mere information.

1.  I am so happy and grateful that I think accurately!
2.  I separate fact from information!
3.  I separate fact into categories: important/unimportant or relevant/irrelevant!
4.    I arrive at a conclusion only after careful, thoughtful analysis!
5.  I form my own judgment based on the evidence!
6.  I use my power of creative thought!
7.  I tap into the infinite intelligence every day!
8.  I use meditation to quiet my mind every day!
9.  I use autosuggestion to guide my thoughts!
10. I am very careful about the thoughts I give to my subconscious mind!
11. I use positive affirmations to influence my subconscious mind!
12. I read and listen to my affirmations every day!
13. I control my mood by thinking happy thoughts!
14. My subconscious mind is always offering the thoughts that have the highest vibration in any situation!
15. My happy thoughts attract love, joy, and an abundance of wealth!
16. I think great thoughts so I feel great!

                     12. CONCENTRATION
You must form the habit of concentration by giving your undivided attention to but one task at a time.

1.  I am so happy and grateful now that I have the habit of concentration!
2.  I can easily focus my mind on the task at hand!
3.  I am the master of my mind!
4.  I focus my mind on a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation!
5.  I concentrate on forming new good habits!
6.  I keep my mind focused on one subject until I have mastered it!
7.  I constantly keep my definite chief aim in mind!
8.  I presently keep my mind focused on the joy I feel from living my divine life purpose!
9.  Self-mastery is a result of my ability to concentrate!
10. When I concentrate with an ally our powers are multiplied!
11. I have a great memory!
12. I easily tap into universal consciousness!
13. When I concentrate I win!
14. When I focus I create masterworks!
15. When I focus on what’s best for everyone, miracles happen!
16. I am always focused on the best outcome!

                     13. COOPERATION
You must acquire the habit of cooperation and practice it in all your plans.

1.  I am so happy and grateful for my ability to create positive organized efforts!
2.  I cooperate with infinite intelligence to create an amazing life for myself!
3.  I love collaborating with my mastermind group!
4.  Cooperation helps me to attain my definite chief aim!
5.  Cooperation allows me to live my divine life purpose!
6.  My conscious and subconscious minds cooperate to help me live my best life!
7.  Cooperation is the foundation of all successful leadership, so I cooperate!
8.  A successful life is conducted under some form of cooperation, so I cooperate!
9.  I surround myself with people who have the talents and skills I lack!
10. I succeed because I have an amazing team!
11. I easily get others to cooperate to achieve shared goals!
12. We take action to achieve shared goals!
13. I do what I find most challenging first, and then I do the rest!
14. Instead of merely telling people what I can do, I show them!
15. Every day I do what I should be doing, when it should be done, the way it should be done! In this way I replace procrastination with pro-action!
16. I am proactive and cooperative!

                     14. PROFITING BY FAILURE
You must profit by failure, your own and that of others.

                     15. TOLERANCE
You must cultivate the habit of tolerance.

1.  I am so happy and grateful to know that I can tolerate almost anything!
2.  I look for the good in everything!
3.  I look for the good in everyone!
4.  It feels good to accept people for who they are!
5.  I give myself unconditional love!
6.  I walk in gratitude for this amazing life I live!
7.  I can get along with anyone I choose to!
8.  I can make myself comfortable in any situation!
9.  I know who I am!
10. Doing the best I can with what I’ve got, quietly gives permission to others to do the same!
11. I am filled with the love that is the universe!
12. Being tolerant affords me more success!
13. Tolerating things allows me to be the person I want to be!
14. To accept others is to accept myself!
15. The more unconditional love I give, the more abundantly it is returned to me!
16. I love.

                     16. THE GOLDEN RULE
You must make the Golden rule the foundation of all you do that affects other people.

1.  I am so happy and grateful to live by the golden rule!
2.  I treat everyone I meet with the same kinds that I command!
3.  I love people as I love myself!
4.  I know separation is an illusion!
5.  I am my brother and my sisters’ keeper!
6.  I am scrupulously honest!
7.  I act with integrity!
8.  I do right by people!
9.  I inspire and uplift!
10. I celebrate the victories of my loved ones as if they are my own!
11. I celebrate my friends and family!
12. Showing love to people feels good!
13. I hold good thoughts about the people I meet!
14. Success equals happiness! Happiness equals success!
15. I dispense happiness freely!
16. I forgive and keep it moving!

You must make use of The Universal law of Cosmic Habitforce, through which all of these principles can be applied to transform not only your thoughts but also your habits.

1.    I am so happy and grateful now that I use the law of attraction every day!
2.    When two minds connect, a third mind is created, so I only connect with people who have positive mental attitudes!
3.    I am a master manifesto!
4.    Successful thoughts attract successful circumstances!
5.    I feel successful!
6.    I have a habit of thinking about things that make me smile!
7.    I have a habit of being happy!
8.    I have a habit of treating people with loving kindness!
9.    I have a habit of living the laws of success!
10. I have a habit of being disciplined!
11. I have habit of believing I can do, have and be whatever I want to do, have and be!
12. I have a habit of feeling truly wealthy, so I tend to attract more wealth.
13. I have a habit of generosity!
14. I think beautiful thoughts, so I’m surrounded by beautiful experiences!
15. I feel so loved, respected, protected, understood, and blessed!
16. I use my imagination to create the things I desire in mind, and give thanks because I know the created manifests!

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